Thursday, June 14, 2012

Download اغنية اليسا - اسعد واحدة Elissa The Happiest Single

The album will be released in ten days, but they have one track out and it sounds very Elissa and very good as well, give is a listen. It's a romantic song with some old lyrics that was turned into a super sweet gem with some clever composing.  You can hear Elissa expressing gratitude for the love of her life who made her the happiest lady in this life.

This is a pop romance album that teases one's heart and soul. Rotana will do so much with this album, Elissa have fans and those fans have money, so they will be purchasing the album. This is a private album, each has his own because few can let go of such emotions Elissa celebrates.

Elissa 1st Album Hit - As3ad Wahda / إليسا - أغنية أسعد واحدة


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